First Presbyterian Church Senior Sunday 2013

8:15   Alex Sommer video 11:05   Gabe Byrd video and Adam Homeyer video on community
    Lexi Reamer video     Confirmation video
9:30   Jackson Henry video     Baptisms video
    Carolyn Tucker video     Tavious Imperial video confirmation testimony
10:45   Caid Pickel video     Isabella Paine confirmation testimony
    Kendall Williams video     Kyle Campbell prayer for confirmation
          Harrison Hanna video and Eric Hobby video tithes & offerings
          Rsound! Youth Choir video
          Will Campbell video scripture
          Worship Music video
          Eric Blackwell video
          Allie Luther video
          Trey Rummel video
          Leslie Moseley video
          Luke Harper video
          Allie Baumgarten video
          Andrew Kennedy closing prayer
          Matt Fox at senior lunch video